Blue Hill at Stone Barns Day Trip

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Restaurant | 630 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, NY; (914) 366 9600

Photo by Gandhu & Sarah

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

From the day trip trip Lunch Like a Locavore in Pocantico Hills

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is absolutely immense in comparison to its intimate sister restaurant in Manhattan. Set in a soaring Norman-style barn, its floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the surrounding farmlands, so you never forget where you are. Even so, this is one upscale barn: High-concept centerpieces, white tablecloths, and unusual cutlery (hello, bone-marrow spoon) are all part of the haute-locavore package. Don't expect to see a menu, either. Instead, Chef Dan Barber sends out whatever's fresh, prefacing each course with a bowl of its farm-fresh ingredients. Anything based on This Morning's Farm Egg (pictured) is especially popular and is, indeed, divine. Sunday Farmer's Lunch: $85 without wine. No wine pairings are offered but glasses start at $10.;


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