New Haven, CT Weekend

Bar and Bru Room

Restaurant | 254 Crown St, New Haven; (203) 495-1111

Photo by llimllib

Bar and Bru Room

From the weekend trip Get an Honorary Degree in New Haven

Don't be put off by the name: Bar is more of a local tavern than a traditional drinking hole. It's blessed with an impressive space, having moved into a 1915 car showroom, and equally memorable New Haven-style pizzas, made-to-order in its own brick ovens. Bar's proximity to Yale already makes it a strong alternative to better-known local pizzerias Pepe's and Sally's, which are far-removed from campus, but its neighboring Bru Room is what really edges out the competition. It's been pouring its own micro brews since 1996 (when it was the first brew pub to open in town) and delicious choices like Toasted Blonde and Damn Good Stout, perfect companions for a classic New Haven white-pie clam pizza, are on tap for just $4.50 a pint. From $9;


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