New Haven, CT Weekend

Louis' Lunch

Restaurant | 263 Crown Street, New Haven, CT; (203) 562-5507

Photo by mreid0183

Louis' Lunch

From the weekend trip Get an Honorary Degree in New Haven

Credited with creating the country's first hamburger in 1900, this darling brick cottage is definitely New Haven's most memorable pit-stop. Behind its its pert red door and shutters, burgers are still made according to the original recipe, cooked to order on a quaint cast-iron grill, and squished between two pieces of toast. Ask for "the works" to add tomato, lettuce, and cheese, but don't expect any ketchup, mustard, or relish (there isn't any). Park yourself in one of its confessional-like wooden seats, and wash down this bit of American history with a bottle of East Haven's own Foxon Park grape, cherry, or birch-beer soda. From $5;


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