New Haven, CT Weekend

David S. Ingalls Rink

Attraction | 73 Sachem Stree, New Haven; (203) 432-2489

Photo by aadair4

David S. Ingalls Rink

From the weekend trip Get an Honorary Degree in New Haven

Eero Saarinen graduated from Yale with a degree in architecture in 1934. He returned 20 years later to design what must be the most unusual skating rink in the United States (if not the world). Nicknamed the Yale Whale because of its shape, it does indeed look like an effigy of Moby Dick, with its curved oak roof joined to an upturned tail-like extension. It just came off a $23.5 million restoration at the end of 2009 which should, among other things, allow year-long skating inside. For now, fall and winter weekends bring Yale Bulldog hockey games to the ice, which are a fun way to experience university spirit. Games from $4;


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