New Haven, CT Weekend

Yale Center for British Art

Attraction | 1080 Chapel Street, New Haven; (203) 432-2800

Photo by docjfw

Yale Center for British Art

From the weekend trip Get an Honorary Degree in New Haven

Along with the Beineke Library and Yale Whale (above), this Louis I. Kahn building is an essential example of Yale's innovative architecture. Its cold, uninviting exterior gives way to surprisingly warm galleries like this one, where soft wood-paneling and luxurious carpeting contrast wonderfully with the industrial, concrete cylinder that contains the inner staircase. Indeed, the coterie of artists that grace the walls (Whistler, Gainsborough, Blake, Turner, Hirst, etc) is rarely this successfully presented outside of Britain. And, thanks to benefactor Paul Mellon, they're also presented here for free. Free;


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