Governors Island Day Trip

Historic District

Attraction | North Governors Island, New York, NY

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Historic District

From the day trip trip Picnic with the Past on Governors Island

The northern section of Governors Island comprises 92 bucolic acres chock-full of 19th-century red-stone military buildings like the one above; known as Castle Williams, this round redoubt housed enlisted Confederate men in the 1800s. There's a real mish-mash of styles, besides: College-campus-style brick dormitories with white window sashes, yellow clapboard houses that verge on Southern Gothic, and two low-lying 1812 forts among them. Avant-garde (and sometimes hokey) art installations dot the place, too, occupying grassy squares and several historic interiors. The overall effect is hard to synthesize, but the discombobulating experience is key to the island's appeal. Free;


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